Hardy is a free platform for creating, discovering, and tracking autoregulating workout routines with complex progression rules.

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Goodbye Excel and PDF,
hello smart routines

No more plain-text PDF routines or manually editing formulas in Excel.
Hardy takes care of the progression rules calculations and makes creating, finding, and tracking workout routines as simple as using a Spotify playlist.

Create routines

Create workout routines with complex progression rules

All progression rules are optional. When tracking workouts on our app, it will suggest changes to your TM based on the rules defined in the routine, but always asks for confirmation.

  • Dynamic weights based on Training Max % (more options soon)
  • AMRAP sets (As Many Reps As Possible)
  • Progressive Overload based on AMRAP
  • Overload and deload based on sessions' success

Discover routines

Discover community proven gym workout routines

Select your next workout routine from a list of popular and proven weight lifting programs. Or pick one created by somebody you trust in the fitness community.

Track routines

Track your autoregulating workouts using our free app

All other gym and lifting workout tracking apps in the world are for passive logging. Our app is the only one that follows dynamic programming rules based on your selected workout routine.

Tracking app is currently in private beta. Please click below to sign up for early access.

  • Browse popular routines
  • Track workout routines
  • Dynamic Training Max
  • Automatic weight calculations
  • Rest timer
  • See your workout history

Share routines

Share dynamic workout routines with friends & clients

It's as easy as sending a Spotify playlist link. Others can open the programmed routine in app, see weights based on their own TM / 1RM and start tracking workouts immediately.

Free, no ads, no hidden costs

Start by creating or browsing routines.
Request early access to the app to begin tracking workouts.

Our web platform is accessible by all. Our mobile app is currently still in private beta.


If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

What kind of progression rules are currently supported?
Currently progression rules can be created for intensity calculated from user's Training Max. We will add progression by volume asap though.
What is Training Max? How is it different from 1RM and e1RM?
1RM is the amount you can lift on maximum effort. Training Max reflects the current planned effort of your workouts. For example on a deload week your Training max might be 70% of your 1RM.

More features in the works

Here's what we're working on at the moment. If you have any suggestions or preferences on what we should prioritize please join us at /r/hardyapp.

RPE & RIR tracking
RPE autoregulation rules
Supersets & dropsets
In-app workout routine editor
Overload & deload of volume (reps)
Progress history and statistics
Time based exercises
Bodyweight exercises
Programmable deload week
Heart rate based rest time
Apple watch support
Private trainer profiles
Personalized public profiles
Following of community accounts
Share workout snippets
(for private trainers)

And more to come. 💪