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Choose a community-proven workout routine and click start.
Or create your own.

Always know your next exercise and the optimal weight to lift

As you progress, so do the weights, based on routine rules

We guide you through the workouts, set-by-set, like a personal trainer

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Goodbye Excel and PDF,
hello smart routines

Hardy takes the complexity of modern weight lifting routines
and makes them as easy to use as Spotify playlists.

Smart routines

Modern weight lifting routines can involve boring calculating of weights and progressions.
We automate this.

Discover and create routines where exercise set weights, progressions, overloads and deloads, are based on values of 1RepMax, e1RM, TM%, RPE, etc.

Dynamic weights

Weights and progressions based on your performance. Just enter 1RM-s & hit start.

Just enter your 1RM/TM figures and routine will display the correct weight to lift for you, based on the selected routine.

If you do not know your 1 Rep Max figures, no worries, we can guide you through that.

Track/log routines

Workout tracking, reimagined. As simple as a music player.

Our app understands your chosen routine and progression rules, your 1RM-s, RPE-s, and performance. It carries you through the workouts set-by-set, like a personal trainer.

Just press Start and begin workout.

Discover and share routines

Discover and share routines, that anybody can start using right away with just a link.
Like Spotify playlists.

Others can open the routine and start tracking their workouts immediately, with weights based on their own personal TM / 1RM / RPE values.

Free, no ads, no hidden costs

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If you have any more questions please contact us on @HardyApp or post on /r/HardyApp.

What kind of progression rules are currently supported?
Currently progression rules can be created for intensity calculated from user's Training Max, RPE, e1RM. We will add progression by volume soon. If you would like this feature, let us know.
What is Training Max? How is it different from 1RM and e1RM?
1RM is the amount you can lift on maximum effort. Training Max reflects the current planned effort of your workouts. For example on a deload week your Training max might be 70% of your 1RM.
What is RPE and RIR?
RPE means Rate of Perceived Exertion, and RIR means Reps in Reserve. Both are a way to measure the intensity of your training subjectively.
Hardy app supports using RPE both in routine sets (meaning you can create a routine by setting the intensity of your sets using only RPE), as well as tracking RPE (meaning you can log your RPE/RIR on lifts in any routine).

Features and coming next

Browse & find routines
Create & customize routines
Track / log workouts
Dynamic weights (TM%, e1RM, RPE)
RPE autoregulation rules
Public & Private routines
Overload & Deload intensity (weight)
Database of common exercises
Create custom exercises
Rest timer
AMRAP Progressive overload
Progress history
Overload & deload of volume (reps)
Progress statistics
Programmable deload week
Supersets & dropsets
Complex periodization
Personalized public profiles
Following of community accounts
Share workout snippets
(for private trainers)

And more to come. 💪

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